How is Gnokey different from other password managers?

Unlike other password managers, we never touch your passwords or send any of your data to our servers. Gnokey uses browser-based RSA public/private and AES 256 asymmetric encryption keys to enable direct user-to-user password sharing and to store your passwords encrypted in Google drive.

Can I import my passwords from LastPass?

Yes! You can import passwords from anywhere by uploading a CSV when you are creating a new password group. LastPass provides a CSV export which can be found under their advanced options menu.

Where are my passwords stored?

Each “Password Group” in Gnokey is an individual Google Drive file. This file is stored in Drive and contains a list of encrypted passwords. If you download this file directly you can open it with a text editor to see it contains all of your password groups data in a format called hello@gnokey.com.

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